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Variable Definition:
Computer and Internet Access:  The percent of total households without a computer and without internet access either through a computer or smartphone.
American Community Survey, 5-Year Estimates, Table S2801
Years Available:
Geographic Unit:
Census Tract (aggregated to cities and neighborhoods)

Why is this Variable Important to Measure?

Computer & Internet Access
Having access to a computer and the internet is a hugely important component in a person's societal connectedness and economic well-being. Access to a computer and the internet not only makes access to information easier, it is also shown to facilitate more social interaction and social involvement. Due to computers' prevalence across industries, access to computers at home leads to more familiarity with the technology and added value in the workforce. Communities with with lower socioeconomic status generally have more limited access to computers and the internet. Providing these communities with access to this technology can help to create more economic and educational opportunities. 

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