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Data stories provide insight into a wide range of policy matters within Los Angeles County neighborhoods.  Pairing precise data with rich narrative, beautiful photos, and interactive maps and visualizations; data stories reveal the trends, challenges, and opportunities facing Los Angeles communities, giving readers an opportunity to learn more about the issues confronting our region. See a full list of data stories in order of release below. 

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KCETLink is the official media partner of the Neighborhood Data for Social Change platform. KCETLink publishes NDSC data stories under City Rising, a program that examines the cause and effect of social issues affecting communities across California.
KCETLink Media Group is a national independent, nonprofit, digital and broadcast network that provides high-quality, culturally diverse programming designed to engage the public in innovative, entertaining and transformative ways. With a commitment to independent perspectives, smart global entertainment, local communities and opportunities for engagement and social action, KCETLink depicts people and the world through a lens unavailable elsewhere in U.S. media.

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