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Variable Definition:
Collisions Involving Pedestrians: The number of vehicle collisions involving pedestrians

City of Los Angeles via the Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS)
Years Available:
Geographic Unit:
Census Tracts in the City of Los Angeles

Why is this Variable Important to Measure?

Collisions Involving Pedestrians
Traffic collisions involving pedestrians have many costs, including the potential loss of the driver's or pedestrian's life. Auto crashes have other costs, including medical expenses, insurance costs, and loss of wages and productivity. Accidents can result from a number of factors including alcohol consumption, speeding, fatigue, cell phone use or other driving distractions, or non-adherence to traffic lights.
A high number of traffic collisions involving pedestrians in a neighborhood may be an indication of a need for more crosswalks and pedestrian transportation resources in that area or a stronger police presence to monitor drunk driving and other traffic violations.

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