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Variable Definitions:
Calls for Service Rate: The number of 911 emergency calls made by community residents per 1,000 people in the resident population
Call Counts: Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)
Resident Population: American Community Survey, 5-year estimates
Years Available:
2011 - 2019
Geographic Unit: 
Data at the Reporting District level is crosswalked to census tracts in the City of Los Angeles. Census tracts are further aggregated to cities and neighborhoods.

Why are these Variables Important to Measure?

Calls for Service
This dataset counts one call for service for every emergency call received from a neighborhood resident. Dispatch calls received from police officers for backup are not included. Tracking calls for service is important because it provides an estimate of how often civilians are contacting law enforcement agencies. Changes in calls for service over time may indicate changes in the public’s willingness to contact law enforcement or changes in the rate of crimes or non-criminal incidents in a community. 

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